This isn’t another “green” movement

by Handsome Matt

I hate the term “green.” For me it conjures up images of hippie communes, failed political movements, senseless arguments, and needless sacrifices. The Green movement as far as I’m concerned, has failed. Miserably. For evidence I suggest looking at the backlash against wind, solar and tidal power production.

What then is a normal person supposed to do? How can I live life without negatively impacting the planet? The answer, I feel, is conservation.

This differs greatly from the current Green movement. Under conservation we don’t have to give up our cars, homes, or even the modern comfort of electricity. Instead of moving towards some unrealistic pre-Industrial Revolution utopia that never existed; let’s move forward into the future where Humanity takes an active role in bettering the world around us. Preserving the earth and its wonders so that all might enjoy it.

Will this take sacrifice? To a certain extent, yes. If you believe that thinking more critically about how humanity uses the resources of the planet is a sacrifice.  That is where Conservance differs. There doesn’t have to be great sacrifices made in order to help the planet and ourselves. We can all make little changes and those changes over time will accrue into grand sweeping changes. Start small, in our homes, our communities and then we can change the planet.

This is the start of a movement towards a better world