A Dangerous Game

by Handsome Matt

It should be noticed that the “S” in S.E.E.R.  stands for “Social.” Social responsibility is a key to Conservance. Are these solutions, companies, ideas including the understanding that people are involved. When a company says it’s going to lay off 3,000 workers, those are 3,000 people with families. We tend to think only of them as numbers on a Profit & Loss sheet. For whatever reason, we’ve become incredibly accustomed to forgetting that the world is made of people. Not money, businesses, loans, debt, wealth, etc.

We’ve become so focused on the things that define a person, that we’ve forgotten this is an actual person.With actual problems, issues, concerns, hopes, and fears.

This isn’t just a fight against a few “old guard” companies, or a fight to change the world for the better. If I honestly take the “Social” part of my clever little acronym seriously, then I have to understand that this is a fight against any force that seeks to dehumanize, oppress, or misuse our resources. Including the human spirit.