World Changers

by Handsome Matt

I want to provide environmentally sustainable ideas that work in our real world, everyday lives.

As a part of that, I feel it’s important to highlight people and organizations that have chosen to make a positive impact. So I have decided to add a regular feature called “World Changers.” Hopefully it will provide inspiration and ideas on lowering the impact of humanity on the climate.

Furthermore, It’s important to celebrate successes as we find them. When ideas actually come to fruition it helps the rest of us to continue on whatever difficult path we’ve chosen.


Sometimes inspiration comes in a very convoluted and complex way. Or it’s as easy as figuring out how the terms “green building materials cardboard” directed someone to your website. I have yet to find out how that search term brought someone to my blog, but I did find an amazing office.

Made entirely of cardboard.


This sparked my curiosity, and I quickly learned that using cardboard has been in practice since the 80s. Shigeru Ban and other architects have been using cardboard in an increasingly greater role. And it makes sense, cardboard is a great material: light, strong, and easy to work with.

Beyond that, paper and cardboard account for roughly 73% of landfill waste. This is a shame because paper and cardboard are easy to recycle, but even more than that, cardboard is a product that can be easily reused.

Back To Nothing?

I’ve heard of using cardboard as accent pieces, or conversation starters, but Nothing has gone to the next level, using it in a large portion of their office furniture and walls.

I’m just going to let Joachim Baan’s photos speak for themselves

Yep, cardboard

That’s cardboard too!

More cardboard.

That’s cardboard, AND notice the artwork.

They even can hang lights from it.

Absolutely ridiculous! To think that something as simple as cardboard is used to build a lofted office area! Amazing.

This is a great idea, and I think with some tweaking and innovation, cardboard could become a cost-effective alternative in schools, offices, and home furnishings. And with the success of architects like Shigeru Ban and Buro Happold’s cardboard architecture, cardboard could gain more and more commercial and critical success.

At the very least, Nothing has an incredible office with hundreds of square feet of creative space! And has shown that a simple material can be used in innovative ways!

I hope more companies and individuals adopt this idea in their own offices.

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