by Handsome Matt

It’s Saturday, there’s enough snow on the ground to make me think twice about going out. I’m putting on the coffee and catching up on my DVR playlist.

Because I’m so relaxed today, there’s no hard-hitting critique of the environmental state of affairs, no scathing review, or startling revelation. Today I think, we need to take a trip down memory lane. To enjoy some pop culture and remember where my environmental awareness came from.

Captain Planet! I always felt bad that the South American kid only got the power of “heart.”

I would  make my parents rush home so I could watch this, and if I was home from school, there were days with back to back to back episodes. Quality. I found out later how acclaimed this documentary series is.

I blame Marty Stouffer for my desires to tame a wolf, fox, coyote, lynx and mountain lion.

Power Rangers Intro Video

The Power Rangers. How many of their episodes seemed to deal with toxic sludge of some sort? I do appreciate two things: The best group to save the earth from imminent doom was “teenagers with attitude” and the strange asexual robot helper. Lastly, why did they always immediately form into the Megazord? They never fought as a group of five; must have been to expensive to animate.

I never understood how to play this game, what the point of it was, or what I was doing. But I did love pretending to be a dolphin, and the fact that dolphins had mind bullets.

Pizza, mutant turtles, and ninjitsu? What’s not to love? Bringing turtles to “life” giving them feelings and skills and personalities, always made me think differently about turtles in real life.

These are some of my influences growing up, but one of the biggest though I blame on my parents.

Godzilla! And I found out in college, that Godzilla is both an anti-war movie and an ecological movie. Things you never knew you never knew.