The Sky Is Falling

by Handsome Matt

There are claims that man made global climate change is an over reaction. People are panicking, and it isn’t going to be as bad as the doom sayers are making it out to be.

Critics point to the Y2K bug as a prime example of this. People panicked, spent money unnecessarily, and nothing happened.


For starters, the panic caused by Y2K was well founded. What would happen when the year clicked over to “00” was unknown, and there was a very real chance that it could have derailed industries and utilities who relied on computers to run their systems.

If you don’t believe me, ask a programmer what happens if a zero is mistyped as an “O.” Or if a 1 is accidentally entered as a zero in a line of code.

If you don’t know any programmers, when was the last time your computer crashed? Or you received an error message when working on something?

the real reason nothing happened at 12:00am, January 1st, 2000 is simple: The red flags went up, and the problem was looked at, examined, and a solution was developed and implemented.

Global Climate Change

Notice, I haven’t said global warming. Yes the earth is warming, and that is affecting and changing our climate. This is why we’re getting record low temperatures, snow fall, hurricanes, drought, and other weather phenomena.

For us, the alarms have been sounded, the problem is being examined, and we are working towards a solution and implementing that solution. Hopefully we can get something in place in time.

If in ten or fifteen years we look back and see that nothing happened, it will be because thousands of people worked tirelessly on the problem and came up with solutions.