Nerds Of the World Unite

by Handsome Matt

The end of the 20th century and the start of the 21st century truly belong to the nerds.

Case in point:

Hot girls, fast computers, video games, viral videos. It’s geekdom’s shangri la!


Our technological advancements have created an interesting problem. What do we do with them after the fact? Many of them are thrown out, to end up in landfills. A problem in its own right, but with computers, cellphones, game systems, and others, there are toxic compounds and chemicals in them, like mercury.

Furthermore, most of these things still work. They just don’t work as well compared to the new items.

Nerds to the Rescue

I present to you Gcycle.

gcycle_0.jpg Gcycle image by brendonman77

Seriously. It’s a program launched by G4TV to help recycle everything from CDs to Floppy Disks. Floppy Disks? Does anyone still use those things?

For those that don’t know: That is a floppy disk. It’s what we used before the advent of CDs. And CDs were before DVDs. Which were before Blu-Ray. Just trust me on this one.

But Wait…

There’s even more that can be done. Instead of recycling them, they can be swept clean and given to those in need. Like impoverished school districts, community centers, non-profits, or even the third world.

This is how it works:

A company decides to phase out their old computers. They wipe the memory and then have a few options: Either sell the computers in house, toss them, or donate them. If they donate them, they get good press AND a tax write off.

The computer company then refurbishes the computers, gets them up and running, and then sells them. Typically to community centers, non-profits, and schools.

The Stance:

This is great! Not only are hard to recycle items (cellphones, CDs, floppy discs!) being recycled, but G4TV has put it’s support behind recycling. Furthermore the social benefits of providing technology and access to developing countries, schools, and others is another great benefit. This allows people to access the resources and connections they need to better their lives.

Check it yourself:

Gcycle – G4TV’s recycling program

CRC – a company that specializes in computer recycling

Parity International – a company specializing in refurbishing computers