Spotlight: Sustainable South Bronx

by Handsome Matt

It’s good to point out successes. Both one’s own, and those of others who seek the same goals as you. It helps to know that someone somewhere is making a difference, gaining ground.

In an earlier article, I posted a video of Majora Carter speaking at TED. Carter was an active participant and catalyst in the “greening the ghetto” movement. Working within the South Bronx to bring about environmental justice, to reform communities and integrate environmentally friendly and sustainable practices into community development. At its heart, SSBX (Sustainable South BronX) is an organization centered on cleaning up the South Bronx neighborhood and foster economic development and growth.


What’s even better than their mission, is the level of quality they bring to it. Their awards, recognition and successes read like a novel. And their commitment to quality is the reason they’ve been so successful.

The Stance

Social, economic, and environmental responsibility is basically embodied in the plans, programs, and people of SSBX. Beyond that, their motto “green the ghetto” is hilarious!

Check it yourself

SSBX – Webpage for Sustainable South Bronx

Majora Carter – Speech given by Majora Carter at TED.