State of the Union

by Handsome Matt

Tonight is President Obama’s first State of the Union address. For those that don’t know, it is a chance for the President to address where we were as a country, what’s been done, and where we will be going.

Does It Really Matter?

Of course not. Like many things in politics; it did matter at one time, now it is nothing more than rhetoric. We’ll here about how Obama inherited these tough problems, and how it will take time to fix these problems, that we need to come together.

We’ll learn how the stimulus was a good idea (even though reports and investigations state otherwise), how banks need to be held accountable but that it’s tough to make that happen. We will definitely get some rhetoric about health care, and probably about green initiatives if we’re lucky.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

So we’ve got a democrat senate, and president and it is still business as usual. In fact, we’ve taken a big step backwards. We are worse off now, then at any time under G.W.

Hope and change were promised us, and nothing has been delivered.

Main Street

“Main Street” was the rallying cry of presidential candidates. Main street needed to be put first on agendas once more; to be the focus once again of government.

It’s been a year, and economic recoveries have yet to be centered on “Main Street.” Big business though has gotten its share, Wall Street got their share, and these are the entities responsible for the mess we’re in right now!

Conservance Prediction

The unemployed will still be unemployed. Green economies and reforms won’t be delivered in the near future. We’ll never get reforms that would actually reform, or make life better for “Main Street.”