California Love

by Handsome Matt

2 Pac knew what he was talking about when he said

California, Knows how to party

That man was a prophet, and was able to turn out hit records for years after his death.

Sometimes, They Aren’t Crazy

Apart from the 9th circuit court, legalization of marijuana, and the whole Real Housewives of Orange County; California isn’t that bad.

Great weather, food, and great wine. And a strong affinity for environmentally friendly efforts.

Case in point:

California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)

CalRecycle is the government webpage for the recycling and environmental efforts of the State of California. A relatively easy to use website that holds all the resources a person would need to make a positive impact.

And With Pictures

I want to focus on one page here. It’s a listing of the sustainable case study buildings in California. From government to offices to homes, almost every type of structure a city would need to build is included.

It’s great to see what actually works put into practice. And it includes relatively boring buildings, like libraries and office headquarters. To see sustainable practices put into buildings and projects used everyday is encouraging.

The Stance

Why is the West Coast championing the environmental cause? Seriously, we’ve put it in the hands of the same people responsible for Haight-Ashbury and the same people considering letting prisoners vote in elections. Forgive me if I’m less than confident.

The technology used could be implemented here, and what’s even better is due to lower property values and costs, would be much, much less expensive. $2 million spent in Ohio, is going to buy much more than it would spent in California.

Check it yourself

CalRecycle – the homepage for California’s environmental initiatives

Convicts Voting – 9th Circuit Courts official opinion (in PDF form).

Haight-Ashbury – Wikipedia article on the history of Haight-Ashbury