Popular Science

by Handsome Matt

Bill Nye said it best: “Science RULES!”

Scientist have been getting a bad rap recently; especially those in the field of climatology. Whatever your views on that let’s put it aside for a time, and focus on the importance of science. That is increasing the sum of human knowledge through various disciplined methods.

Science our Savior?

Not quite. We tried that in the 50s, and it didn’t quite pan out.

This design from Threadless designer John Slabyk states the current mood best.

“They lied to us. This was supposed to be the future. Where’s my Jetpack? Where’s my robotic companion? Where’s my dinner in pill form? Where is my hydrogen fueled car? Where is my nuclear-powered levitating house? Where is my cure for disease?”

Not All Bleak

There was a backlash in the 60s against science as a panacea. Rightly so. But the subsequent 70s gave us disco. Not a step in the right direction.

The sort of inevitable, post-apocalyptic future presented to us; might not happen. And the focus on that outcome has caused us to forget how many problems have been solve, and innovations have come from science.

Popular Science

Case in point: Popular Science most recent issue (Feb 2010). The cover story is entitled “Rebuilding America.” In it, there is an outline of 26 ideas and solutions to the big problems that are facing America in the near future. Beyond that, they offer an estimated time frame until wide-scale implementation of these technologies.

The Stance

What’s really great about this article, is how the technologies overlap each other. Algae that creates bio-fuel, can use wastewater as its fertilizer. Solving two major problems in one fell swoop.

It’s almost a manifesto on what needs to be done to develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly economy. Furthermore, it is so well thought out and if implemented, would become the measuring stick for global economies.

Check It Yourself

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