From the Pentagon

by Handsome Matt

According to CNN, the Pentagon has released it’s Quadrennial Defense Review. This is the Pentagon’s equivalent of a self-assessment; what is important, what do we need to keep, what needs to change.

The biggest change in the Pentagon is the possible abandonment of the two conventional war mindset. Soon after WWII, this idea of simultaneous conflicts has kept our armed forces large and well provisioned. And rightly so.

Why is the Pentagon on Conservance?

There is an interesting, almost post script, note towards the bottom of the CNN report.

“However, a bigger challenge the Pentagon will face is future conflicts fought around and over reduced resources and environmental catastrophes.”

If the Pentagon is claiming that global climate change is an “accelerant of instability,” then who am I to disagree? For all the modern satire that has grown around the military and military intelligence; they know their stuff. People forget that warfare is tough. And when our optimism meets cold reality: we blame reality, not our overly optimistic attitude.

The Stance

With the military highlighting the difficulties of future conflicts being exacerbated by climate change; environmentally friendly and sustainable practices are not only necessary, they’re essential.

The scarcity (or believed scarcity) of resources will be the cause of the next great war. Ideologies and beliefs will only be used to exaggerate the underlying lack of basic necessities.

If the pentagon is preparing for a worst case scenario, we should be praying.

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