The Effect No One Has Mentioned Yet

by Handsome Matt

There is one large side-effect of a clean, sustainable economy that hasn’t been mentioned yet, by anyone. Until now!

Energy Independence

If our homes are able to provide their own energy, and live effectively “off the grid;” Then in the event of some apocalypse event, we’d be alright.

I am speaking of course, of zombie invasion.

Clean Economy, Zombie Independence

Think about it, if the world ends and society unravels, basic services aren’t going to be provided for. No more electricity, water, or heat. Unless, your home has environmentally friendly updates to it.

Think about it: Cisterns, solar panels, geothermal heat and other such innovations are exactly what is needed to keep a home running after society is overrun by the undead.

With a few security updates, and some resource gathering, one could hold off zombies and feral humans, indefinitely.

Environmentally friendly updates can save you money, save the planet, and save your family from zombies.