It all boils down to this

by Handsome Matt

Do we keep the system we have, or do we try something new?

That is the entire argument about “going green.” Do we stick with what we know or not?

The Current System

With the last hundred years we’ve seen some tremendous advancements. In one century we matched and eclipsed the technological advancements in all of human history. The theory of the exponential curve of technology has been proven true.


We’ve reached a point in all aspects of real life, that the current systems are no longer capable of supporting the needs. Similar to the charity organizations faltering under the needs of the people during the Great Depression, we’re starting to see our systems of economy, power production and delivery, telecommunications, infrastructure and industry begin to falter.

The New System

With any new system there is fear. And because the environmentally sustainable systems are new, they’re untested. Like the Wrights with their airplane, the theories exist and are true, but no one has yet to launch the plane.

The Issue is This

Our current system has become corrupt and irresponsible. Look at our happiness indices, and the historic lows in satisfaction points to the fact that something is wrong. Louis CK said it best “everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy.”

Costs are rising, jobs are being lost, earning power is slipping, income has dropped, work hours are increasing, supplies are running out, prices have skyrocketed. Sound familiar?

It should, the same arguments lobbed against the environmental movement, are the current realities of today. We’re already losing everything, we might as well try something new.