Bloom Energy

by Handsome Matt

If you haven’t seen the news surrounding Bloom Energy: Take five minutes and Google it immediately.

Or click this link right here!

Fuel cells have been a bit pie in the sky since they were invented. They weren’t cost effective for mass production, and were relegated to such boring, menial tasks as powering NASA missions.

Until Bloom Energy came along.

Bloom Energy has improved the costs and efficiencies of fuel cell technology. The ability to power a hundred homes is now housed in a single parking space and is incredibly efficient and clean.

What this means is we now have the ability to generate clean power cheaply and deliver it more efficiently (owing to the shorter transmission distances). This also means that more efficient delivery systems, like superconductors,  which are prohibitively expensive in large scale applications, could be used in smaller settings. We’ll see.

The question now is whether or not this will be implemented. Or if this is another amazing technological advancement that will never be implemented.