Amazing Recycling Idea

I caught this commercial during the Big Ten Basketball Tournament (Don’t get me started on the Buckeyes loss to Tennessee last night). With that being said, this commercial sparked an idea. Quite a few ideas.

I want to take Conservance to the next level. I write about all these great ideas that can cut our environmental impact, create jobs, and generally better the world. But I have yet to, really start putting this into practice this last year.

Before 2010, I had the great opportunity to work at an outdoor education facility. All things considered, I think that gave me some environmental sustainability credit. I’ve got at least six more months before I have to even start recycling!

I was thinking about this commercial for the last few weeks: This could be a great idea! Link up with a few solid and well respected organizations throughout the third world. Develop the infrastructure, and open a store here in the United States.

Best thing about it: Hire in a few good designers, and create products that are awesome looking and environmentally responsible!

So I decided I’m going to do it! I’ll start linking up with different organizations and businesses across the world first, craft some good designs,  even sell established brands with great track records.

My goal is to get it up and running online within the year. Suggestions, ideas, contacts, and messages of support are all invited!