To Clarify

by Handsome Matt

I was thinking yesterday about how to define Conservance best; especially since I will soon be moving into actually creating sustainable products.

So I came up with two rules that sum up Conservance best. Something incredibly easy, yet powerful.

Number One

From start to finish, it must be sustainable.

Number Two

If it can’t be sustainable, it must be used in the most efficient and responsible manner.

To break it down somewhat. Rule one, provides for the creation, design and implementation of anything. Sustainable applies to an item’s life from womb to womb. We must start thinking about the next generation with the products we create.

The second rule applies to our use of non-renewable resources. As a conservationist, I believe they can be used. But only in a responsible and efficient manner. For example internal combustion engines are almost 75% inefficient. That is neither responsible nor efficient.

There it is: the two rules to Conservance!