Earth Day (Sort of)

by Handsome Matt

I think I might have mentioned this before, but work has me down in DC right now. Last Saturday I decided to get out and see my nations capital. I grabbed my camera, and jumped onto the subway.

First thing: I’ve been able to use nothing but mass transit for the last month. It’s spectacular. DC needs to work some on their buses, but the subway system is top notch. There isn’t much I can’t get to in DC using just my legs, the buses, the Metro, and some directional finding abilities. It’s not for every city, but every city above a certain size and population density should seriously consider putting in a metro.

So, I get on the metro, and head over to the National Mall. I’ve decided to see some of the Smithsonian. I hop off at the Smithsonian station, and walk up onto the Mall, and I’m confronted with this:

A Bolivian Dance group in full garb! Turns out I stumbled into some of the Earth Day celebrations that culminate in tomorrows rally.

I was all over that with my camera! What was interesting though was the article that came Monday in the Washington Post Express.

In it, the first head of the EPA noted that today’s pollution and environmental issues are not as visible as those of forty years ago. We don’t see the Cuyahoga river burning again, nor 168 deaths directly caused by smog.

In fact, things like climate change, carbon dioxide and monoxide, urban sprawl, waste disposal, are not in your back yard issues. We don’t see the effects directly, and won’t see the full consequences for upwards of a few hundred years.

I wonder if these issues mark the big turn for human civilization. Can we come together and begin to launch the large, multi-generational solutions and projects that will catapult us into the dreamt of Future. With a capital F.