From A Philosophical Discussion

by Handsome Matt

If you haven’t looked at the links on my blog: You need to!

Especially Shaun Millers’ Blog. It’s nothing but unpretentious philosophy and I love it! He’s recently been posting quite a few book reviews, and there is one I’d like to highlight in particular. He reviewed a book by Peter Singer that focused on Karl Marx. The debate quickly centered on the idea of sacrifice for the greater good. Here is one of my responses (I encourage you to read the full article and discussion in its entirety as well):

[T]here are instances where a certain amount of self-sacrifice is necessary.

We have to find a balance between short term gratification and long-term planning. Our economies function best when focused on the long-term return. Companies that sacrifice short-term profit for long-term growth eventually dominate the market. Compare GM to BMW.

Let me expand on that further. Look at Porsche, Ferrari, and Audi. Three companies that for the most part, resisted short term fads and motions. And who now (and continually has) builds some of the best and most innovative cars on the market? Porsche, Ferrari, and Audi!

Even Adam Smith argues for a dose of prudence. While I like libertarianism, there are moments where I need to put aside my personal wants and feelings in order to better society as a whole.