If The Worst Should Happen

by Handsome Matt

Unfortunately, the green movement has misinformed the world regarding the effects of global climate change (I know I know, this is a hot button topic but stick with me). The world will not come screeching to an over baked end.

What will happen is this:

The world will warm, the climate will change, species will die out (they already are, see the article posted on our tumblr account about lizards going extinct) and life will generally get harder for everyone involved.

It is not going to be the end of humanity. Our unique ability is to adapt quickly, to survive.  But that’s just it: We’d merely be surviving.

What I propose is this: Let us thrive.

We rein in our harmful and self-destructive ways now (which could cause short term growing pains I’ll give you that argument), and have a lush and bountiful planet that fuels near infinite long-term growth!

Think of it this way: A million dollars now, or everyday the amount I pay you doubles. You start with a penny, and each day the amount doubles. Which do you choose?

Hint: You’d be a fool to take the million dollars.