Electric Cars: Offerings of Smoke

by Handsome Matt

There was a Rudyard Kipling novel “Puck of Pooks Hill” that I read as a child. The story is that two children meet Puck, who then proceeds to tell them stories about the area. One of the stories involved Puck meeting a foreign god at the start of his religion, and then again towards the end. By the end the god was being offered smoke and hair and charades.

Electric cars are the same. Almost every car company, especially those recently bailed out, has an electric concept vehicle. It’s a token offering though.

In the same breath that electric cars are praised, the lack of infrastructure is damned. Making this one of the most expensive PR gestures ever made.

Putting aside my own feelings for electric cars, there was a video from TED that I had posted earlier that outlined an infrastructure for electric cars that would work. And work well!

Here is the rub that every great environmentally friendly idea runs into: Without infrastructure, people won’t buy; If people don’t buy, the infrastructure won’t be built.

Someone needs to cowboy up, bite the bullet and change the world.

What has occurred then is business is afraid. The little guys don’t have the resources to make these changes happen, the government is caught in petty squabbles, and big business is more worried about profit than doing the right thing. Too Big To Fail means too afraid to change.