Monthly Update

by Handsome Matt

Hello to everyone,
As always, thank you everyone for joining and supporting Conservance.
This is the first, in what will (hopefully) be many more monthly updates for Conservance.
  • We’ve gone legitimate and our street cred is “gangsta.” I’m not really sure what that means, but it sounds cool. Seriously though, I’ve taken the next step with Conservance and it’s now a company. We’re starting with shirts and then moving  from there.
  • To mark the shift to legitimacy; our website has changed from to just Either link works, but it will still direct to! I’m such a nerd for thinking that’s cool.
  • Our first shirt design is up and ready for purchase in regular OR v-neck. They’re $10.00 a shirt plus shipping. Send me a message with your size and address; we’ll figure out payments.
    First Design
We’ve got other designs coming very soon so keep your eyes out!