Rare Earth, Mining And More!

by Handsome Matt

My good friend Joe recently sent me an article highlighting China’s stance on rare earth magnets. It also highlighted some great points in the environmental debate.

Point one: “The green road always starts with black earth.” In order to manufacture high-tech, ultra efficient devices. We have to get dirty. Like Mike Rowe dirty, and then some!

Our dependence on China was fueled in large part by misguided efforts of other environmental groups to stop all mining. The idea was that advances in technology would immediately take up the slack. This is just silly, it’s like passing a health care reform bill without having a way to pay for it…

Let’s get creative: A scientist figured out that one of the by products of making paint is rare earth material. How many more waste products could be harvested and used? Let’s get our brains moving on those problems people!

Last point: There’s no reason for human activities to be so destructive. Why is mining so “dirty?” Is it because of mining itself? I don’t believe so. Is it because of human laziness? Yes