Avatar And The Environment

by Handsome Matt

I rented Avatar last night: Such a great movie. A bit heavy handed perhaps, but nothing short of accurate.

It brings up an interesting question though: Why are we always at odds with the environment? Think about it.

While we don’t need to shift towards a tra-ja love, Gaia mother earth mentality. Perhaps it would be wise to understand the fuller picture and our position within.

Columbus hosts an event called Comfest. One slogan they had a few years ago was “no planet, no party.” It’s true.

What we need to start understanding is that we have a place within the natural order, and the better we understand that; the better our lives will be.

Ted Nugent said something along the lines of “take what you want, but put back more.”

We can use all the resources we want, but we need to continuously improve the world around us.

Who would have ever thought a blog post could cite both Avatar AND Ted Nugent!