Something Old, Something New

by Handsome Matt

If you’ve been following our tumblr page (If not then you need to! It’s soo good!) then you will have seen the link to the Levi’s challenge. Levi has issued the challenge to design a better way to air dry clothes. That looks great, is great, and is environmentally friendly.

Yesterday and today I was busy dying shirts for our first full design run (see here). I have to tell you, it is a work out! Sweat was pouring off my muscled body like I was in an Abercrombie photo shoot. This got me thinking about using an old washing machine, and wring dryer to make my life easier.

So I did a little research (actually Jan Herrmann did a little research for me. I was elbow deep in navy color dye and drenched in man sweat!) and found out that the rollers recover 90% of the water used in washing. What that means then, is you could theoretically do another load of laundry with the same water.

Think about it: most of our clothes are fairly clean anyways.  The soapy water is drained along with the dirt, and the rinse water remains. Why not use that rinse water over again to clean another load of clothes?

I don’t know if going back to wringer dryers is the right idea, but the concept behind it is dead on.