How to Dye Shirts: Conservance Style

by Handsome Matt

It takes a certain amount of inexperience and an overabundance of confidence to make our shirts. Here’s how it starts:

A bit of a let down I know, but we need shirts before we can dye them.

Yes, that’s a coffee can. It works great for measuring and mixing dye!

The beer is essential. Cool, refreshing and tasty! The laptop provides music and solutions to the “OH SHIT” moments that inevitably occur with a lack of experience.

After this comes the easy work of dying the shirts. All I do is mix the dye with hot water, and then lower all the shirts into it; and wait.

Then comes the most difficult and demanding part of all: the rinsing process. It takes a lot of time and exertion to rinse dye from 24 shirts. I’m sore today, but my arms look spectacular!