Real Action

by Handsome Matt

I’ve been involved in a lengthy discussion on LinkedIn regarding the idea that Facebook could one day exist as its own nation. It is an interesting exercise and concept.

We as individuals know more than entire civilizations before us, and the information we can access is growing exponentially everyday! Want to understand how ICBMs work? Easy. Need to know how to build your own solar panel? Done! Interested in astrophysics? Google it!

The internet is a tool for communication. I’m writing a blog, sharing ideas and information to people across the world, in theory. Facebook brings together millions of individuals to share and exchange information, ideas, concepts and more. But what happens then?

It is my belief that information should lead to action. As we learn, we should act. Merely gathering information is irresponsible. It is like questioning beliefs without searching for answers.

The adage “Think globally, act locally” is cliched and overused, but it is accurate. How many environmental initiatives could be started by every reader in their own communities? Conservance groups that get together and make social, economic and environmental differences in their own communitites, gives me the goosebumps!

That’s my vision for all of this. People the world over making small decisions that better their communities. These small, local decisions begin to run together; neighborhood groups share ideas and strategies that worked for them with other neighborhoods. The communities begin to notice and adopt those ideas. No longer do we make t shirts based on the ┬áConservance Philosophy, but whole neighborhoods and communities! Those communities begin to influence state and regional decisions. And slowly we see the world becoming cleaner, more efficient, safer, better, healthier!

Think it can’t work? Look at CrossFit! An idea that has grown into a worldwide movement with the focus on people being healthier, stronger and better!

The question I have then is: What are you doing with the information you have?