Myoo Create

by Handsome Matt

The day after I posted a quick link to the Levi’s Care to Air  Challenge on Myoo Create; I found that there was a comment waiting my approval.

Apparently, my post was noticed by the powers that be at and they actually took the time to read what I had posted and to respond to it!

This sparked my interest and I want to take a minute today and focus on Myoo Create.

“Myoo Create is a community for environmental and social innovation – where people who share a passion for inspiring and co-creating a better world can come together and apply their talents to challenges that matter.”

But wait it gets better!

“Myoo Create is part of the Myoo Group, a new group of companies dedicated to inspiring and co-creating solutions to important environmental and social issues. Myoo, rhymes with dew, and represents me + you (Myoo) working together in community (kuh-Myoo-ni-tee). The Myoo Group has been incubated by Adventure Ecology.”

So basically it’s a meeting place. Where individuals and organizations can get together and come up with solutions to problems! Love it!

And yes, we’ll be entering a design in the Levi’s challenge!