Simple Solutions versus Easy Solutions

by Handsome Matt

There are easy ways to get a point across.

For example, if Green Peace wanted to stop whaling and seal clubbing there’s an easy way to get their point across: start boarding whalers and killing people.

Want to stop the spread of AIDS? The easy solution is as soon as someone is found to have AIDS, they’re euthanized.

We could go one step further with it: if someone is suspected of having AIDS, they’re euthanized. Done and done.

The easy way to save ourselves and the planet is to stop everything that pollutes.

But that’s not how we work…

Simple solutions are not always easy. The simple way to stop the spread of AIDS is for everyone to stop having sex with more than one partner.

The simple way to jump start the economy would have been to bailout the American people.

The simple way to stop whaling is to physically head out and block the whaling vessels.

The simple way to stop polluting is to rethink and then rebuild everything more efficiently and better.

Of course, we have to actually want to fix these things.