The Ongoing Clean Energy Debate

by Handsome Matt

CNBC recently ran a special called “Beyond the Barrel.” It’s nothing spectacular, but it does highlight one incredibly large issue: We’ve been having the clean energy debate since the 70s! WTF, mate?

It’s a circular argument that is caught in an infinite loop and here’s how it plays out:

unwashed protestors: We need clean energy! You’re killing the earth!

Businesses: Sure, we’ve got solar power

Unwashed protestors: Solar?! Do you know how big those plants are? They’ll harm the deserts! That’s our cultural heritage!

Businesses: Well, what about wind?

Unwashed protestors: You bastard! Do you know those wind farms kill birds!

Businesses: We’ve got nuclear power???

<debate becomes a brawl as protestors turn violent. Yelling “Chernobyl” and “nuclear bomb maker>

Businesses: Fine, we’ll try using everything buy nuclear. You know that it’s going to cost more though right?

Unwashed Protestors: What? You’re going to raise my rates? KILL THEM!!!