by Handsome Matt

If I can take you back two hundred years, most of America was built for the movement of people and horse drawn carriages. 100 years ago it was built for trains.

It wasn’t until 50 years ago that our infrastructure for the automobile really took off. Highways were non existent until Eisenhower built them for national security reasons.

The issue with cleaner alternatives is an infrastructure issue. We’ve researched the concepts, we know what works, how to make it work, and even what’s needed for refining the technology.

What’s holding us back? Infrastructure?

Then we tear it up and rebuild it.

Developing a nationwide, clean energy infrastructure is going to require blue AND white collar jobs. Millions of them.

Right now, the US has about 15 million people unemployed. And we need millions of people to build a clean energy infrastructure… Interesting.

Let’s see how this works:

We rebuild our infrastructure, in a cleaner, sustainable and more efficiently laid out manner. This creates millions of jobs across the country, fueling our economy, lifting the recession…