Movie Review: Who Killed The Electric Car?

by Handsome Matt

It’s a valid question. In the late 90s, GM produced the EV1; an amazing electric commuter vehicle that was destined to free the United States, and the world at large, from oil.

A quick look outside would suggest that this freedom didn’t come to fruition.

Who Killed The Electric Car aims to figure out what happened. With a title like that, this would appear to be nothing more than a witch hunt. That is simply not true, the death of the EV1 involved quite a few people, businesses, and groups. It even indicts the consumers.

Yes, you and I are just as guilty in this as anything else.

It is an incredibly well done documentary, and it brings up the very convoluted and political dance that occurred.

A few interesting facts stood out:

1) GMs desire to erase the memory of the EV1. For a company driven by profit and the bottom line; passing up $1.9 million dollars seems strange

2) Energy reform hasn’t been seriously addressed at the federal level since Jimmy Carter

3) Even with a conservative estimate of oil reserves, we’re still looking at a trillion dollar industry

4) The scarcer a resource is, the more expensive it becomes