What We Need…

by Handsome Matt

Here are some of the ideas that are running through my head right now.

1) If someone wanted to make an electric car: It should be roomy, at least mid-compact sized, with a decent range, say 100 miles on a charge; and rechargeable with a standard plug. That way there’s no worry about recharging, any place with a plug can recharge.

2) What is the economy of scale needed for a sustainable product to be as affordable as anything comparable on the market? Lets find that number, and make it happen.

3) Thin solar panels that look like shingles. Easily installed, doesn’t stand out (keeping Homeowners Associations happy), and helps offset electricity bills.

4) 100 MPG. Is it possible? If so: how can we mass produce it.

5) Hybrid retrofit. Is there some way to retrofit an efficient hybrid system onto any car on the road right now that is affordable and easy to install? It would increase efficiency for every vehicle.

6) Electric big rigs. Is it possible to get 800-1000 miles out of an electric heavy hauler? Electric engines have better torque stats than diesel motors, why hasn’t someone tried it yet?