24 Hours Of Le Mans

by Handsome Matt

The World Cup kicked off with tremendous fanfare this week and it was glorious! But there was another sports event taking place on Saturday, one with as storied a history as the World Cup.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans!

If NASCAR is the everymans motor sport; then Le Mans is James Bond, and Audi is Sean Connery.

But it doesn’t stop there. To cap it all off, Audi has been running a diesel race engine since 2005, and since 2008 has been using biodiesel. What this means is that the Audi Le Mans race cars, are some of the cleanest cars on the planet.

To make it even sweeter: Audi swept this years 24 hours of Le Mans. Positions one, two, and three all belong to Audi. This doesn’t happen very often, and it is one of the most difficult races in the world. With Dakar and Baja barely edging it out in terms of difficulty and phsyicality.

With Audi successfully running a clean diesel engine at the premier level of motorsports: What’s keeping these cars from the US?

Quick Technical Specs…

Engine: Twin turbo Diesel V12

Displacement: 5.5 liter

HP: 650 – 700 (Although there have been mentions of 1000 hp by commentators)