Forgotten Or Unknown

by Handsome Matt

The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster is a serious, serious issue. But it has overshadowed a few other issues that have occurred.

1) An oil spill in Utah! I didn’t even know there was anything in Utah besides Mormons and desert, but apparently there is a refinery and apparently electricity arced from a fence post to the pipe, and melted a hole in it. I thought these things were supposed to be grounded, so something like that wouldn’t happen…

2) The Marcellus Shale

This is actually shocking to me. Things like this are not supposed to happen in America, let alone anywhere else in the world!

3) Coal Country Kentucky

I’ve had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time in Southern Kentucky, and experience has always stood out in my mind. We were at a school (at a square dance of all things) and I went looking for a drinking fountain. I found one wrapped in plastic with caution tape around it. I asked a kid where a drinking fountain was, he said that they were all poison. Apparently, the dumping done by the coal company in that area had poisoned the well the school used.

Forgive me if I oppose “drill, baby drill” but the social costs are too high.