The Most Damaging U.S. Deficit: Trust – BusinessWeek

by Handsome Matt

The Most Damaging U.S. Deficit: Trust – BusinessWeek.

It’s interesting to me to think what happens when the citizens of a nation lose trust in their government. Since 2000, everyone has been upset with the way our country has handled itself at some point and time.

Perhaps it’s time we do something?

We have a right, as put forth by the Declaration of Independence, to alter or abolish any government that becomes destructive towards the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If things continue on this path it is unlikely that anyone will be alive. If we look back at history, it would seem that in the last 50 years we’ve become steadily unhappier. I know that happiness had a different meaning to the forefathers, but we no longer live in that time, and by today’s definition of happiness: No one’s really happy.

Furthermore, we no longer have liberty. I don’t have the freedom to start a family or pursue a rewarding career that pays little actual money, because I’m beholden to a few companies.

Voting to affect change is a laughable proposition at best. Politicians seek only to serve their interests and a few lobbyists and no one else. Often, the will of the people (those whom governments derive power from) is ignored outright.

How can a people bear the burden of poor government?