Tesla Goes Public

by Handsome Matt

Today Tesla has started offering stock, the goal of this IPO is to raise funding for a more affordable electric car.

Their definition of affordable:


For most of America, that’s not affordable.

As much as I’d like Tesla to succeed, they highlight almost everything wrong with the environmental movement right now.

To begin with, it’s a skewed definition of affordable. Secondly, while we’re focused on the pin stripes (in this case, Tesla’s awe inspiring performance) we’ve neglected everything else (the complete LACK OF INFRASTRUCTURE!!!).

Furthermore, there’s no standardization of electric vehicles yet. Meaning certain cars will only work with certain charging stations. Imagine the frustration felt when you can’t find your cellphone charger, magnified a thousand fold.

Could electric vehicles work? Absolutely! For 90% of America, electric cars are perfect for most trips. Especially combined with the range extension of a second, gasoline powered car, for weekend motoring and afternoon jaunts.

But until something is offered that is actually affordable (say in the $7000 to $10000), electric cars are a dead battery.