O, Death. Of the Gulf. And maybe us. (via The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse)

by Handsome Matt

The unreported consequences of the oil spill. I told you there was a cover up coming!

Note the Haliburton to BP to Goldman Sachs relationship. We tossed Martha Stewart in the can for insider trading, when she had been trying to sell her stock for 6 months! Goldman Sachs drops there stock in BP and 11 days later Deepwater Horizon happens and no one is investigating them? My sadness at being an American is quickly turning to hatred.

O, Death. Of the Gulf. And maybe us. The first rule of the Ladies' Guide to the Apocalypse is: Avoid certain death. Why do blowout preventers exist on oil wells, anyway? Well, partially, because the methane doesn't exit in a steady stream. It burps. And methane is spewing out of that oilcano hole at a rate of 3000 to 1. So multiply the number of Valdez tankers this bloodletting has claimed, and multiply that by 3000, and that's how much extra methane has been released into the Gulf … Read More

via The Ladies' Guide to the Apocalypse