Pick Up Litter, Stop Poaching, Go To Jail?

China likes to tout its recent advances in sustainability and environmentalism. It is one of the largest producers of wind energy in the world. It’s built vast dams to produce hydro-electric power. There’s no lack of state sponsored Chinese press releases trumpeting the great strides taken by the Middle Kingdom.

And yet…

In Tibet, three brothers have been arrested, tried and convicted for inciting to split the nation.

Their crimes: Organizing workers to pick up litter, plant trees, and report poaching. Beyond that, they’ve written favorable articles about the Dalai Lama, compiled video and audio on the regions ecology, and tried to register their group with the government.

If they’re not eco-terrorists I don’t know who is!

And lest we forget China’s environmental track record:

The Yellow River Dolphin, one of two fresh water species of dolphin in the world, was last seen in 2006 and declared extinct.

China’s abhorrent and shocking treatment of fur animals.

“Big River Man”  Martin Strel nearly died from infection and toxicity while swimming the yellow river.

And their gross human rights violations.

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