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Here Comes The Cover Up!!!

Someone once asked if I seriously believed that BP was going to start a cover up. The move to gag employees and limit access by the press, is proof enough for me:

It’s not going to happen, it’s already happened.

Look to see BPs lawyers battle the suits in court for years and years, then finally reduce the payout amount to a mere pittance of what is actually owed.


Suarez, Kingdom of Heaven, And The Means

In the Uruguay v. Ghana match a few days ago, Luis Suarez raised his hands up to stop a goal by Ghana. Ghana subsequently lost the match as a direct result of Suarez “Hand of God” actions.

This has created quite the controversy across the globe. In Uruguay he’s considered a hero, as his actions were “on behalf of the team” (Sky Sports). Ultimately, it has been expressed as the ends justifying the means. Ghana should have made the penalty kick, they should have won the shootout, they had the opportunity and blew it.

In “Kingdom Of Heaven” the protagonist, Orlando Bloom, chooses to not murder the villain, even though it would prevent a war. Citing that the Kingdom of Heaven (That is Jerusalem) must be a kingdom of conscience or nothing.

Let me put it bluntly: THE MEANS NEVER JUSTIFY THE END!!!

If we accept that Suarez actions were justified, then we must accept the following scenarios as justified and right.

Affordable Housing: Deforestation and Subprime Mortgages

Raising Germany out of a Depression: Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust

Cheap Gasoline: Supporting Dictatorships and oppression in the Middle East, the Deepwater Horizon, The Exxon Valdez

Sexual Release: Rape, pedophilia, and similar acts

Manifest Destiny: The eradication of entire peoples

Cheap Goods in Europe: Destroying and pillaging Africa

Cheap Goods in the US: Slavery

Cheap Coal: Oppressing the Appalachian region of America

Supposed Chinese Medical Cures: The illegal poaching of endangered animals

Pursuit of Profit: Goldman Sachs, credit card debt, ENRON, Arthur Anderson

Peace in Europe: The Mongol Horde

Passing Med School: Cheating (do you want the doctor that cheated operating on you?)

Stopping Terrorist Attacks: Torture

Is it a bit dramatic to compare a World Cup match to some of the worst acts in human history? Hardly! Sport embodies who we are and what we celebrate as a people. The ideals embodied in athletes and athletic competition are the same ideals we hold up in society. If we hold up Suarez as right, then we are celebrating the ideal of cheating.

Our whole modern world is so wrong because everyone has justified their means; when the very means to an end are wrong in and of themselves.  Every man made environmental disaster from climate change back, is an example of the ends justifying the means. We’ve hunted species to extinction in the pursuit of profit, destroyed entire landscapes and ecosystems, impoverished Africa (and destroyed its ecology), and more all because the means were justified by the ends.

And now a bit of understanding:

I would most likely have done the same thing. I understand that Suarez was trying to win. I get it, caught up in the excitement and energy. Desperately wanting to see your team advance, representing your country at the highest level of athletic competition.

In his situation however, I would be doing nothing but apologizing. To Gyan, to the team, to Ghana, to my team, to FIFA, and the world itself for cheating. I would ask that Uruguay not celebrate me as a hero, hero’s embody what is good and noble and pure in a society.

Hero’s don’t cheat.

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