All Or Nothing?

by Handsome Matt

It seems that in issues of great seriousness, there is no middle ground. The Civil Rights Movement was an all or nothing proposition. A calm, baby steps approach wasn’t the solution. It required a herculean effort to alter the fabric of society.

Martin Luther King, Jr spearheaded this movement. Many times he was asked to stop, to go slowly, to take “baby steps.”

He said no.

For myself, being an active conservationist, this is a difficult proposition.

When is my job done? When have I done enough?

That’s the question isn’t it? How will I know we’ve succeeded?

I don’t. For me, it’s going to be a lifelong process. There will be big steps required along the way, even well after I’m gone.

But it is a life changing, society changing process.

So, commit, get radical, be respectful, and change the world!