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by Handsome Matt

This is the post for the day.

We need to stop, realize what is so wrong in our culture and country right now and fix it!

Will it be difficult? Of course! We have to collectively admit that the American Way has been corrupted. Corrupted by businesses, by our leaders, and by ourselves.

And yes, I understand this is an environmental blog, and I’ve been hyping on government lately, but after delving into the environmental debate, I’ve realized that it’s a symptom of a much larger cultural issue. We’ve moved away from doing what is right, to doing what is right for me. There’s a large difference between the two.

It's Time to Stop and Fix Something Big news story yesterday in Connecticut. Click link to view the ambulance explosion. Another fine example of how the media distorts the facts to create the frenzy.  The female reporter makes you think the explosion and fire occurred with the patient and crew still inside the ambulance.  Then you discover later this was not the case. The media has been out of control for years.  Sadly, the U.S. government and our economy is also out of control.  C … Read More

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