by Handsome Matt

I am again helping at Camp Willson, and thoroughly enjoying myself! But I realized something today: when I mention the “outdoors” there’s an assumption that I mean the current perception of “outdoors.” The one that involves $1500 mountain bikes, $200 hiking shoes, and the latest in high tech outdoor gear.

No. I simply mean outside.

This week, my footwear consist of canvas boat shoes, sport sandals, and flip flops. If I wasn’t forced to wear sport sandals; I’d be wearing the flip flops.

My best memories of camping, involve my parents camper and cheap pup tents. Nothing crazy.

When I say go outside, just go outside.

It will do you a world of good. But let me put it this way: Being outside gives you an excuse to be tan. And not that lame, slightly effeminate “laying out” crap either.