Does Anyone Remember the EV1?

by Handsome Matt

GM to Sell Chevy Volt for $41,000; Lease Terms Close to Leaf’s – BusinessWeek.

Chevy is rolling out another electric car. Except this time, it’s a plug-in hybrid. A supposed “jack of all trades” deal that combines the best of an electric car with the best of a gasoline engine.

Forgive me if I’m a bit skeptical. But allow me to explain.

To begin with, the car is being leased. GM’s failed electric car the EV1 was also leased. For some unknown reason, GM pulled all the leases of the EV1s in one fell swoop. What is to prevent this same thing from occurring?

Secondly, when automakers have tried to combine uses, they’ve failed miserably. The boat mobile, El Camino, and Lamborghini’s SUV come to mind.

Could a boat mobile go in the water? sure. Could an El Camino haul a load of lumber? Of course. Could the Lambo SUV go off road? Why not?

Except none of them could do it very well, and to make it worse, they were horrible cars to drive. There’s no room in an El Camino for passengers, boat mobiles are slow on the road, and a Lamborghini SUV? Come on.

Lastly, the former head of GM himself when asked about the EV1 said that the American Consumer isn’t going to pay more for a product that does less.

Yet how much is the Volt retailing for?

That’s right, about $15,000 more than the 2011 Camaro.