!Updates Galore!

It has been a busy month, and at the same time not busy at all.

I had the chance to help out at Camp Willson again, with the Diabetes Association Dayton Area (Click Here).  Great group, lots of fun had a good time at camp.

The Conservance Death Machine has come back to life!

After going old school on cleaning the carbs, the bike fired to life and was pissed off at being awoken from a glorious slumber.

Carb Soup!

Other fun things: One of my photos was included in the Schmap Guide for Washington DC. It’s one of the photos for the Korean War Memorial, nothing fancy, but nice nonetheless!

Also had the chance to see my first stock car race. It was amazing!

And once I land a part time job, to help pay the bills, research into using plastic bags and recycled paper for products begins. Or more people could start buying our shirts! Either or it’s all good baby.