Let’s Get Wa$ted

by Handsome Matt

Planet Green has a show called “Wa$ted.” In it a pair of eco-conscious heroes confront villains with their crimes and wrong doings.

Or there’s “Living With Ed.” Where Ed Begley Jr, an intelligent environmentalist, is presented as eccentric and slightly insane.

To be blunt: It sums up everything wrong with the “green” movement.

On the one hand, you have a vilification of everyday individuals who don’t know any better. And on the other, you have the environmental movement being presented as neurotic, slightly amusing, and ultimately forgettable. It’s fitting then that they come back to back on the daytime line up.

Like the late night “$0.30 a day” commercials that ultimately do nothing except play on emotions of guilt, and create no lasting change: the current Green movement is destined to be a fringe organization, who plays in shock values, guilt, and heartstrings.

Notice that Theodore Roosevelt isn’t mentioned much as a champion of the environment, nor is John Muir. Except these two men successfully created the National Parks system. Muir, it could be argued saved Yellowstone from development and Roosevelt championed the idea of “wild, untamed spaces.”

This is why we’re called “Conservance.” We’re old school in our approach. I like Ed Begley Jr, but I hate his show.  And “Wa$ted” is a waste. They aren’t influencing policy (Begley might be), or changing a cultural wrong.