Long Road Ahead

by Handsome Matt

When I was little, dad took myself and my brother to Niagara Falls for a weekend of male bonding.

If you haven’t been to Niagara, I recommend going. The natural beauty and raw power of the falls is astounding.

However, I remember a dark side of the trip. We had planned one day to go swimming at one of the beaches.

We pack our stuff up, jump in the car, drive to the shores of Ontario, hop out and walk towards the cool, blue water, ready to run and splash and live out that most holy of summer rituals for a young boy: Swimming.

The sign went so far as to detail why no swimming was allowed in the waters of Ontario: medical waste.

Apparently, the heroin problem in cities along the shores of Lake Ontario was so severe, that their needles had washed into the lake, and then onto the shores.

It wasn’t even a good idea to walk on the beach, the risk was too great…

Sometimes the pessimist in me takes over, and I wonder if humanity will ever be capable of doing what is right.