Why I Hate “Green”

by Handsome Matt

I recently read an open letter from an activist group called One Sky.

I was led to believe this was a call to action, citing the failure of the Senate to pass comprehensive energy and environmental reforms. Basically I believed it was going to be a “we can only trust ourselves to do it” kind of thing.

It wasn’t.

It turned into a platform for their set of “green beliefs.” The same green beliefs that partially destroyed the environmental movement and the energy reform.

Here’s the problem with “Green:”

  • No infrastructure planning. I think we’ve all realized that our infrastructure needs to be updated, and better laid out (we’ve all felt that way stuck in rush hour traffic); but the “green” movement doesn’t offer up any alternative ideas.
  • Everything is a crisis. By labeling everything a crisis, the real ones get overshadowed. Am I concerned about extinction and urban sprawl? Yes. Are those crises? No. Their symptoms of the actual crises.
  • “Green” is easily high jacked. Vegans use “green” to advocate an end to meat. PETA uses it to try and get rid of farming. Automakers use it to sell the same exact cars they’ve always had. If a group doesn’t like something, they can label it as “not green” and themselves as “green.” Because of this, the entire movement is schizophrenic.
  • No bipartisanship. Republicans and other conservative groups aren’t going to work with “green groups” because those groups don’t understand how a compromise really works. They’re guilty of compromising like Nancy Pelosi compromises embarrassing you publicly until you toe her line. That’s not compromise, that’s coercion.
  • No understanding of political climates, economic factors, or basic human needs/wants. If you want environmentally friendly changes to occur anywhere: they have to be either comparable in price to the current products, better quality, longer lasting, and less inflammatory. Had the movers and shakers backed away from global warming, and focused on energy independence and security: Energy reform would have passed. Who doesn’t want a secure country, clean economy, better products, and cheap energy.
  • We keep talking about research and breakthroughs. We’ve been researching since the 70s! For fucks sake, we’ve had breakthroughs, but no one wants to implement them! Somebody get off your ass  and actually start doing something.
  • To much politics. I’ve highlighted this before, but to be “green” it appears I have to be an ultra-liberal, abortion loving, business hating, vegan, unwashed hipster pseudo-anarchist.

You know who’s really putting out great ideas that aren’t being talked about? Shai Agassi. He presents electric cars in a completely viable manner; to the point where I even like them. And I hate most electric cars! He also makes strong arguments for why we should convert to renewable energy, and how cheap it will actually be.

Teddy Roosevelt was an environmentalist, so was John Muir. They weren’t anarchists, they weren’t vegans, they weren’t hipsters. And look at their accomplishments as compared to our current “greenies.”