Death Machine Updates

by Handsome Matt

The bike is nearing completion.

My hands are shredded, including a screwdriver through the fingernail of my ring finer. That one felt great…

However, I’ve come to realize something as I’ve worked on the bike. How much I love creating and making and doing.

That’s what we’ve lost in today’s world. We no longer create. We do things. But at the end of the day, there’s no emblem to point at. No monument to your success.

I remember a speaker from college talk about his father who made radios in the 20s and 30s. One man built the entire radio, and they would then affix their emblem inside: “This radio built by…”

When the speakers father retired, he started repairing radios for homeowners. Occasionally, the son would go with the father and watch him work. One day the father called the son over, pointed to the back of the radio, to the the emblem there and said:

“This one’s mine.”

Imagine that level of ownership applied to everything we do today. If something could be traced back directly to you, by name: how much better a job would you do on it?  How concerned would you be about its impact on the world around you?

High quality, long lasting products are, by their very nature, environmentally friendly. High quality comes about through accountability.

We have to become a nation of makers, of builders, of creators, of doers again. That is the key I think, to sustainability.