Unacknowledged Hypocrisy

This weekend eight people died and 12 were injured in a crash at a desert race. All manner of groups will be up in arms today calling for the immediate ban of all desert racing activities.

Meanwhile in the same time frame:

Roughly 100 people died from automotive related accidents (of which 32 were alcohol related). NHTSA

That 100 can be included in the larger Accidental Death category which 338 deaths can be classified as. CDC

For your bleeding heart, anmial loving bent: Estimates put vertebrate deaths at 500,000 to 1,000,000 PER DAY! Biological Diversity

Urban development has reduced populations and ranges of many endangered animals to less than healthy/stable ranges.

It’s a joke! It’s a sick joke. We classify oil rig workers as working in one of the most dangerous fields of labor; yet more people die every year driving to their “safe” jobs.

However, we’ll ignore the larger and much more devastating problems for a variety of reasons. And we’ll stomp out another form of recreation because of 8 deaths.

Oh the burden of hypocrisy…