The Power of Little Changes

by Handsome Matt

A short “I love you” note can make someones day fantastic.

A quick cup of coffee strengthens a friendship.

Taking the stairs at work leads to a healthier lifestyle.

These are all little changes, that can make a big difference. The environmental movement isn’t in need of one big, one hit wonder. What we need are thousands of little successes.

Better laid out mass transit is a good way to start rethinking our roadways. As we rebuild our infrastructure, we can upgrade it to the best possible materials.  Small changes in building and zoning codes can add up to millions of dollars in saved in construction costs, and homes that are more efficient.

If we make recycling easier than throwing something away, then guess what happens?

We don’t really need a break through in technology, we’ve had those since Carter was in office (seriously). What we need are little implementations of those technologies.

All these little things added together, have a large net effect with a minimum of effort. I like that.